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Thursday, March 22, 2007



As a long date mac user, I've started managing my customers and business on Daylite, because it was the only available software on Mac OS X.
Since about 3 months, I've discovered a little gem called Contactizer ( which has totally replaced my Daylite usage.
First it is simpler, far simpler, like any mac app should be.
Second, it is beautiful, a joy to use everyday. Not that Daylite is sad, but Contactizer is shiny.
I'm in contact with its developer, and I know that some of my requests are coming (projects), and I did not pay for support!!
Enough said, it covers pretty much everything you said in this post... maybe except running on Windows, who cares?

Maban Desh

thats a pretty big wish list!!!
I suggest you try It is web based and does almost everything that most people want: project management, time sheets,expenses, folders, calendars, forums, issues, bugs, help desk etc. It is quite reasonably priced.You can save lot of time in finding things, our communication has improved and things have stopped slipping through cracks.
Also Pjohn : this supports MAC and windows as well !!

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