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Saturday, July 22, 2006



English is also the official language of the Philippines, pursuant to the provision in the 1987 Constitution.

The Philippines used to have 3 official languages: Filipino, English, and Spanish. Now we only have 2. But a few still speak Spanish (mainly old folks, and those from Zamboanga, I think, where the dialect is Chabacano...a mix of Spanish and I don't know what.)

For a while there had been a move to use Filipino more than English (purists from U.P. propelled it), because young people could not speak straight Filipino anymore. We were more comfortable with "Taglish" (tagalog and english). But because "call centers" have been growing like mushrooms here, there is again a strong move to "master" the English language.

Oh, and a bit of a trivia for my entire 4 years of law school, I have not heard nor seen a Filipino version of the Philippine Constitution. And even our laws do not have Filipino translations. Strange, isn't it...considering that Filipino is also an official language.

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